May 18, 2015

coming soon...

My biggest dream was always to live in an old fire station...let's hope this dream will com true one day :D At least I can try to build something like this with Sims 3.

Here are some pics from my new project!
But now I really need to get some sleep

Good night!

Mutzli Mutz
(btw I really like my new notebook ♥- it's sooo fast!whoooooo)


  1. bronze5hartmutMay 29, 2015

    hey mutzli, your project is so inspiring. ive been dreaming about living in an old fire station since i was a baby sim. i want it to be on fire though. and i really like young kükenfleisch.

    1. der Name!? XD XD oh gott ich kann nicht mehr.... ! herrlich! blödes fotografisches gedächtnis-ich hatte gehofft du hast den blog vergessen XD