September 12, 2015

Romance Ave.

Hey everyone,

my new house is done and I guess it will be my last Sims 3 project.
So it's time to say goodbye to this game and welcome the new generation :D

I started to play sims 4, but to be honest, I really miss some great tools to customise the interior. 
Well this home comes with a romantic touch and a lot of flowers. Actually this is not my style but I wanted to try something different :3

I hope you like it and have fun with this lot!

(Please make sure to add the package files into your mods folder!)

Mutzli Mutz♥

Bedroom:        2
Livingroom:     1
Kitchen:           1
Bathroom:       2
Terrace:           yes
Balcony:          yes

Lot Size :20x15
(Packages included)


  1. This is great! Thank you a lot!
    I love your creations and i think you are very talented.
    You should be an architect and decorate real houses to.

    1. Wow thank u so much, thats really kind of you. :D

  2. hi amazing house,can you tell me which world did you put it

    1. Sure, this house is placed in twinbrook. This World comes with the Ambition pack.
      I Put some of my other houses around this Lot.

  3. Hi! I love you houses.Just sorry to hear that you are done with sims 3.I personaly don't like sims 4.