December 16, 2014

Green Puls...

Hey Simmers!

I guess this will be the last house for this year, but I am not so sure 'cause the christmas flair is so inspiring.

December 4, 2014

Apartment 7B....

There it goes!

I found a temporary solution to run the game, so at least I am able to upload this house- finally!
This time I tried something different. All I wanted was clean and simple colours and lines.
OMG I am sooo in love with minimalism! :)

...same procedure as every month....

Good morning,

well I've some bad news about my game....again! I was planing to upload a new apartment yesterday evening, but my game decided to crash instead...
I already cleaned my packages and CC's last month, but I guess I have to do it again.

December 1, 2014

I am lazy

Hey and sorry for not posting any new houses, I guess the winter is makin me kind of lazy at the moment :)
At least I found time to prepare my "real home" for christmas^^