October 15, 2014


Hi everyone,

I hope u guys love christmas as much as I do. I love the smell of cookies, the sound of bells and the lovely taste of hot tea.

I got inspired when I checked out Fredbrennys lots. She's one of my favourite Artist from TSR since I play Sims3. I wish I could have this patience and ambition when it comes on architecture.
I just downloaded Fredbrennys House Lincolnshire and changed it a bit.

This House has so much potential and I love the style. You might check out Fredbrenny other Creations as well- it's worth it! :)

Have fun! Mutzli ♥

Get Fredbrennys Lincolnshire here
My version:

Bedroom:  2
Bathroom: 2
Gallery:     1
Livingroom: 1
Kitchen: open and dining area

The walls from fiddledeedee can be found here


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