October 22, 2014

Grey Tides...my interpretation

Hey there,

I've spend the last days cleaning and refreshing my games, so I just wanted to check how it works out now.
I found a beautiful lot named "Grey Tides" by Alachie & Brick Sims and I totally fell in love with it!

Get "Grey Tides" by Alachie here and check out the other lots as well!
Thanx for sharing this with us! Wish I could make pics like these- great work!

My version:

The has two separate flats, each with one bedroom, one bathroom.The lot is designed for Bridgeport, the location should be easy enough to determine based on the screenshots.

Get Alachies & Bricks Version here


get my packages folder here

Store items
Aromatic D├ęcor 
The Big Cheese Coat Rack 

Have fun,

cheers Mutzli Mutz♥


  1. I love this! It's gorgeous and looks so stylish. I think you're very talented with interior design :). I've actually downloaded all of your lots haha! I was wondering if you'd ever get around to do doing an equally stylish family home one day? Take care!

    1. hey Misha,
      thank you so much! Glad you like it. I am always happy for some ideas or suggestions :)
      I promise there will be a family home^^
      Enjoy your sunday :D

  2. Hi, it's a lovely house. You did a nice version, the interior is beautiful. Keyla

    1. Hi Keyla,
      thank you so much! Glad to hear from you :)
      I was wondering if we could do a project together one day. let me know what u think about it.
      greets Mutzli Mutz♥

  3. is there a cc list for this? because the custom content used isn't showing up in game :( beautiful decorating though!

    1. Hi there,
      well that's strange, cause the cc's supposed to be included...try to add the packages into your game. Is the lot fully unfirnished?
      greets Mutzli

  4. Your version is beautiful! Unfortunately, there's no link to download it, when I click on 'download' it just comes up as a picture :( Is there anywhere else I can get this lot?

    1. O.o sorry- try it gain, it should work now