August 12, 2014

Kokoma Beach


During my research for some inspiration I just fell in Love with one tiny red surfer house!
Well, yeah I love coastal stuff, sun and the beach.

Get your surfboards, sunlotion and the bikini!
Have fun with it,

Mutzli Mutz♥

Kitchen        : 1
Livingroom   : 1
Bedroom      : 2
Bathroom     : 1

Lot Size       :  30 x 30
Price            :  91,402 $

Special thanks to the Artists from TSR
Murano and his great Window Set
*n-a-n-u* and the lamba bar Set
ShinoKCR and the outdoor Set
and for some Wallstickers Camilles Blog
and of course all the others!


  1. Just discovered your blog. It's a lovely house, very cozy and well decorated. I saw your snowflake house, Freddie makes great houses, she did once post a house in our blog, a Valentine house in pink, really pretty. You have a nice blog. Keyla

    1. hey Lola,
      thanks for your comment. Glad you like it :)
      I just checked out your blog and it looks great too (guess its a lot of work).
      we should stay in contact :)
      greets Mutzli♥

    2. Hi, thank you :-) yes it is, we are a team, Lola, Felicity, Squarepeg and I (Keyla), I build houses and make sims, Lola and Felicity makes sets, decos, meshes... and Squarepeg most of it sims and sometimes houses, will check again your nice work, take care, have a nice weekend. Keyla

    3. WOW that just sounds so nice :)
      alright, keep up the good work and take care! hope I can finish one of my next projects this weekend :)

  2. Simply gorgeous.. every single one of your creations !!!