December 16, 2014

Green Puls...

Hey Simmers!

I guess this will be the last house for this year, but I am not so sure 'cause the christmas flair is so inspiring.

The "Green Puls" house is a perfect place for eco-friendly sims or hobby gardeners.
It was really not that much easy for me to find the right combination of modern and nature-related, but I am quite satisfied with the result and I had fun doin' it:)

CC's and Packages are included.Feel free to ask for particular downloads.

Have fun and go green :) ,

Mutzli Mutz♥


  1. Hi, just passed by to look at your blog, what a lovely house and your apartments looks great. I didn't do any sims 3 houses lately, didn't have much time but I thought let's download the sims 4 free trial and try, I didn't like the technical stuff, sims 3 is better for buidling but it was fun, I posted my sims 4 house. Have a nice week and a beautiful 2015. Keyla

    1. Hi Keyla,
      I already checked out your Sims 4 house.
      I totally agree, I guess I better keep playing Sims 3. It's much better for building and furnishing. Right now I am working on a huge project - it's going to be a modern ranch but I don't have time as well. Too many things to do :)

  2. I just love your homes! hugs.Lori